Studio Guidelines

Since opening in 2016, cleanliness and safety have always been priority.
I always have worn gloves, a mask, and practice hand washing after each client.

Following are the guidelines established for EVERY visit.
The expectation is that these guidelines are followed and respected for the protection of my family and those who I provide services to.

Regardless of client vaccination status these guidelines must be followed

or your appointment will be cancelled.

Guidelines are as followed:

  • Only the client receiving services is allowed into the studio. No additional guests are allowed.

  • When you arrive for your appointment, please call me at 978-219-9040 to let me know you have arrived. I will let you know when it is safe to come up to the studio.

  • No outside food or drinks permitted.

  • A clean mask is to be worn by each client upon entering my studio and during the duration of your service. Please make sure your mask covers your mouth AND nose. If you have forgotten one, they are available for purchase at $1 each.

  • Once in the studio, please go directly to the sink to wash your hands for 30 seconds.

  • A touchless soap dispenser and paper towel dispenser have been installed. Please make sure hands are completely dry and use the touchless trash can for disposing of paper towels.

My commitment to safety and quality of service is the following:

Wear a new mask for the duration of your visit.

Wash my hands before and after each service.

Wear a new pair of gloves with each client.

Clean my nail station & client chair after each service.

All implements have been and always will be:

  • washed with soap and water

  • disinfected appropriately per the requirements of the Massachusetts Board of Cosmetology.

Thank you for your patience during these distinct times. I am truly looking forward to providing exceptional service and seeing you again!

Be well. Stay Safe.