At FunFancy Nails Studio we use quality and professional products to create beautiful nail enhancements. When providing enhancements, new files, buffers & a clean nail brush are used. For your safety, all implements are sanitized & disinfected after every service according to the Massachusetts Cosmetology Board regulations.

Acrylic Enhancements

Pink & White Full Set $55 (finger tip length) $63 (active length) $73 (long length) 75 minutes

Acrylic Back-fill $38 Nail regrowth filled & white tip redone 75 minutes

Acrylic Fill $33 Nail regrowth filled 60 minutes

Nail Repair $8 (outside of your regularly scheduled appointment)

Nail Art various pricing

Paraffin treatment $8 for hands or feet

Gel Enhancements

XTens Full Set $55 75 minutes

Light weight, odorless, durable gel Xtensions ( stiletto, french, square or ombre)

Gel Fill $33 60 minutes

Genre Hybrid Enhancement

Genre Overlay/ Fill $35
A hybrid enhancement (gel & acrylic sprinkle technique application) 60 minutes


Classic Manicure $23
Cuticle care, nails shaped, relaxing hand massage & choice of polish. 30 minutes

Gel Polish Manicure $28
Long lasting gel polish application which lasts up to 2 weeks! Zero drying time! Cuticle care, nails shaped, relaxing hand massage & choice of gel polish. Includes removal. 60 minutes


Express Pedicure $25
Feet are soaked, cuticles groomed, nails trimmed, choice of polish. 30 minutes

Classic Pedicure $45
Feet are soaked, cuticles groomed, nails trimmed & shaped, callous' minimized, gentle exfoliation, relaxing foot massage & choice of polish. 60 minutes

Callus Treatment $25
Add on service to remove excess calluses safely and gently. 30 minutes

Toe Nail Polish Change $13
Toes are filed and polish 15 minutes

Prosthetic Toe Nail Restoration $80 (one great toe)
​Barefoot , light curing one component resin, is a means to restore the toenail partially or completely while providing an attractive cosmetic result. Includes a bottle of Mykosept. A required part of home care. 45 minutes