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Below you will find the dedicated and knowledgeable owners and educators who will be sharing their expertise at the
FunFancy Nails Event. Read up on their bio and make sure to personally thank them for traveling to New England to expand your experience of what the nail industry has to offers.

CJ Murray

Centre for Beauty

The creation of Centre for Beauty evolved around the passion CJ has for Education and helping others grow and achieve their dreams. Since 1987 CJ has owned and operated a Full Service Salon/Spa and has educated for some of the top lines in our Beauty Industry. Her experience in an advisory position for major foot care lines, brought her to sell her Salon in 2009 and build a Salon Supply Distribution business promoting Education about Feet. She had one mission in mind. “Provide the Nail Technician the Education, the Attention and the Support they need to safely and properly service their clients”.CJ is a licensed Nail Technician, with training in Advanced Pedicuring. In 2019 she became Oncology Trained in an effort to bring Oncology care into the Pedicure area via Oncology Spa Solutions.

Lisa Wright

SO Gel

I am Lisa Wright. I am married and have 9 children and 8 grandchildren. My husband and I love to travel all over the world, experiencing new things and different cultures. I was an early childhood educator for many years, changing careers in my 40s to become a nail tech. I have never made a better decision! I have now been in the nail industry for 8 years, becoming an educator for SO Gel Nails Supply Company almost 2 years ago. I am honored and proud to represent such an incredible company and wonderful product. I feel that learning opportunities should be available to everyone, no matter their location. My love of travel, learning, and all things nails allows me to live my dream of sharing my knowledge with nail techs everywhere!

Tracy Vinson

The Mobil Manicurist

Tracy is the owner of the Mobile Manicurist, INC and the famous International Nail Art Academy. She ran a mobile nail business for nearly 10 years before transitioning into the role of full-time nail art educator. She has a luxury headquarters located in the heart of Virginia that houses all of her products as well as a state of the art classroom. Her classes literally sell-out within a few hours of them going online. She was third runner up in Season Three of Nails Top Nail Artist and her specialty is stratified nail art with mixed media. She would be delighted to have you join her classes.  

Debra Bourque

The School for Advanced Foot Care Education

Debra Bourque is the Founder and Director of Education for “SAFE” the School of Advanced Footcare Education. As a Licensed Professional who has specialized in foot care for over 24 years, she has earned several certifications in advanced foot care education including a Bachelor of Science degree in Podology, a Certified Onyfix/Podo-expert Advanced Trainer and most recently became a Certified Foot Care Specialist. She is the former Executive Director and Head of Education for the International Pedicure Association. Debra has also been a Brand Manager, an Industry Educator and Platform Speaker who worked with distributors and manufacturers for several years providing education and training to licensed professionals throughout the country and she truly believes, through education we can

“Ensure Safety Every Step of the Way.”

Darcy Olin

Combining technical expertise with endless creativity, Darcy Olin creates stunning nail designs and shapes that range from extreme editorial to functional salon styles. The quality of Darcy’s work speaks volumes, but she’s best known for making even the most complicated skills understandable and feasible for the many nail professionals she mentors. Since becoming licensed in 2000, her experience also includes owning a salon for 19 years, with employees and area renters.  Darcy has over 14 years experience as an educator, leading a team of global educators, producing educational materials for the teams use and creating nails for marketing content for a leading nail product manufacturer.

Amy Oung

Orly International Ambassador

Amy Oung was born in Inglewood, California and is the daughter of two Vietnamese refugee immigrants. After college, she decided to work in the nail industry, having owned and operated her own nail spa business for over 10 years. She placed 3rd in the U.S. Invitational in 2011; shortly after, Amy was recruited to work with ORLY as an international brand educator. Her works have been published in beauty publications such as Nailpro and Nail Magazine. Currently, aside from dedicating her time for ORLY, Amy resides near Boston and works as a business consultant, coach, and licensed instructor for the nail industry. 

Brenda Ribble

Best Foot Forward

As a former Interventional Vascular/Cardiac Nurse, I place a heavy emphasis on wellness-inspired foot care choices, seeking education, products and skills that will change how pedicure services are delivered and the industry is viewed.

With epidemic rates of diabetics, vascular compromised, cancer survivors, and other foot challenged clients attempting to find appropriate services/products to alleviate non-medical issues, pedicure/skin care services are no longer one-size fits-all!

As an International Foot Care Educator, I strive to help beauty professionals take The Next Step in meeting their ever changing clients’ foot care needs with education, products and support.

MaryEllon Ballance

Creative Ballance

Mary Ellon has over 22 years of experience in the nail industry and lives on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. She has owned and operated a salon for 18 years, and is currently a Master Educator of the en Vogue products and the owner of Creative Ballance Nail Supply &

Education. Her love for doing nails coupled with her passion to share her knowledge with others has lead her travel professionally working tradeshows, events and teaching classes. Mary Ellon specializes in gel application

techniques. She strives to grow her business and builds on the idea that "No matter how long you have been doing nails, if you think you know everything in this business, you're done. Never walk away from an opportunity to learn!"

Khahn Huynh


I am the creator and patent holder of the Gel Extensions System. With over 15 years dedicated to the research and development of the Gel Extensions System, I can honestly say that there is no one better that can help others understand the nuances of Gel Extensions. I have used my expertise to help many companies launch their own private Gel Extensions label as well as being the catalyst for many companies now offering Gel Extensions. My goal moving forward is to help others realize their own potential in achieving great success with Gel Extensions. Whether it’s help with improving your Gel Extensions game or to launch your own Gel Extensions brand. Let Xtens help you make it happen.

Melissa Pechey

SeneGence Independent Distributor

Melissa Pechey is a 30-year Beauty Industry Veteran: Team CND Education Ambassador for 17 years, Salon & Spa Owner for 21 years and Certified Makeup Artist since 2019. As YourBeautyPro, she takes pride in advising thousands of women on proper skin care and custom color matching. She provides practical skincare and makeup training during makeover sessions, as well as group workshops online and in-person for women & men to develop confidence that will serve them well every single day. She uses and recommends SeneGence products: long lasting, anti-aging cosmetics and skincare that is 98% natural and 2% science- backed by clinical testing and money back guaranteed results. All products are Made in the USA, Vegan, Gluten Free, No GMO, Cruelty Free, safe, non-comedogenic and do not contain lead or wax. SeneGence Nail Polish is a non-toxic 17-Free formula that offers long-lasting results, with an easy, smooth application and high-shine, glossy finish. They are Gluten free, Paraben free and Animal By-Product

Free. Ultimately her mission is to help overworked, ambitious women rediscover their strength in their self-confidence through customized self-care strategies, product training & support to feel good, look great and livetheir best life and business!

Bonnie Brennan

New Look Nail Supply

Bonnie has been a passionate nail technician for 30 years. In that time she has owned 3 salons throughout North Eastern Pennsylvania and currently owns New Look Salon in Swoyersville, PA. She is also the owner of New Look Nail Supplies, which was her quarantine endeavor, where she is a certified NSI Distributor and a  ProFiles products Distributor. 

Bonnie has attended multiple nail conventions and classes, her most recent being Nail Camp in Maryland. She has taken numerous classes in nail structure, filing techniques, gel painting, one stroke and much more. She is also a recent graduate from NSI university in 2018 where she was certified as a gold level educator for the company. 

Madison Reese

Clear Jelly Stamper

Meet Madison Reese....

Madison is a Clear Jelly Stamper Certified Educator and Nail Artist located in Maryland. Madison has been educating not only nails, but cosmetology as well since 2018. She has a love for education and believes that you should never stop learning!

Madison loves to hand paint designs, but wanted to find a way to help every nail tech bring out their inner artist, including those who struggle with hand painting. Thererfore, she became a CJS Educator. She loves competing and has won 1st and 2nd place in mixed media competitions. She has also taught art techniques at Premiere Orlando, worked on set doing nails for JeJune Magazine in NYC, and has created demos for Paula Davies new book All That Glitters... And So Much More.

Sue Lafferty

MediNail Learning Center

Sue has over 35 years in the beauty industry and through Medinail Learning Center is a Medical Nail Technician as well as a Certified Clinic Podiatric Medical Assistant. Sue also serves on the Medinail Advisory Board. Her goal is to advance the nail techs industry profession in the footcare and relative services by exceeding state standards and how to improve The integrity with which they service their clients and be the salon their clients run to for their services.

Stop by the Medinail Booth and scan our QR code to receive 3 free modules of the ANT course!

Margarita Larionova

inHype Nails

Margarita Larionova, the founder of the In.hype brand, identified a gap in the market for high-quality gel nail systems when she moved from Ukraine to the United States. Margarita then brought together a team of highly skilled nail technicians and chemists to kickstart a new project.

Drawing inspiration from the standards and best practices of European nail industry, the In.hype team introduced an innovative UV gel system to the US market in 2018, quickly selling out.

Recognized for its commitment to quality and innovative ideas, the brand has experienced rapid growth. Today, In.hype is renowned for its extensive range of top-quality products, including hard gels, BIAB, Acrygel, and rubber bases.

Shaiana Flores

BodyLab 2.0

I’m Shai, owner and creator of Body Lab 2.0. I am a mother of 4 boys, wife, business owner & always looking for a way to relax! For those that know me, know I am always making something new. As a woman who struggled with skin issues as a child & even into adulthood, I started this business due to personal success & experience. These natural scrubs, soaps, oils & bath salts helped my skin as I have aged. It is important to me to know what I am putting in & on my body. Everything that is sold, I have either personally used myself or family members have used them with great success! Ingredients are always listed & are easy to pronounce. Motherhood has changed my body in many ways as well! Wait until you see some of the success I have had over these years of becoming a mother. I have struggled more with self love as I have gotten older. Here is to embracing our bodies. I look forward to hearing your success stories!